100 Things We Are Thankful For

  1. Each other: We are best friends
  2. Our family: Whether related or not, we have an amazing family who are always their to support and love us
  3. Our friends: We have remarkable friends and truly value them
  4. The gift of life: Where would we be without it
  5. Good health: Being able to enjoy life to its fullest
  6. The air we breath: There is nothing like fresh, crisp, clean air to fill our lungs with
  7. The best food ever: We are so lucky to have such an amazing supply of good food available to us
  8. Sunshine: It lifts the spirits and makes for an awesome day
  9. Color: It brightens everything around us 
  10. Rainbows: Beautiful reminders that we are loved
  11. The moon and stars: The way they twinkle in the night sky
  12. Gardens: There is something new to see everyday
  13. Fulfilling our dreams: It is a work in progress, but we know we are getting there
  14. Our jobs: They help us get that much closer to fulfilling our dreams
  15. Our community: Makes us feel like we belong
  16. Being unconditionally loved: There is no better feeling and it makes it that much easier to return
  17. Being nice people: We are not perfect, but would never intentionally hurt anyone. We genuinely appreciate and care for others
  18. Accomplishing goals: Following through on our objectives
  19. Being able to laugh: Who doesn’t like laughing
  20. The seasons: Change is always welcome
  21. The sound of rain: We love knowing the world around us is getting nurtured.
  22. Good books: Best on rainy days
  23. Giving gifts: We both love the feeling we get from giving
  24. Tears that release heartache: They help you move on to better things
  25. Campfires: They are mesmerizing
  26. Opinions: Everyone has them
  27. The ocean: We love the soothing sound of waves
  28. Positivity: Makes for the best day ever
  29. Rivers: The veins of the earth
  30. Lakes: All shapes and sizes
  31. Wildlife: We feel so blessed when we are allowed to catch a glimpse
  32. Hiking trails: So much to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear
  33. Acceptance: We are grateful to those who accept us for who we are
  34. Hope: It provides a wonderful view of the future
  35. Animals: They share so much love and happiness
  36. Planting a seed: And watching it grow
  37. The internet: A fast source of information
  38. Generosity: One of those things that is just as great to give, as it is to receive
  39. Passion: Passionate people are the ones who make a difference
  40. Helping others: Is such a great privilege
  41. Rescue workers: They risk their lives in order to save ours
  42. Green smoothies: Yes Margaux, you know what we mean 
  43. Dreams: They allow us to explore, learn, create and become
  44. Photos: Are a wonderful way to remember
  45. Volunteers: Remind us to be giving
  46. Babies: Provide so much joy
  47. Our Vitamix: We’ve used it everyday for the past 2 years
  48. Our home: Its full of love
  49. Blogs: We love to write on ours and read others
  50. Quirky people: They make life interesting
  51. Spring water: Our fuel
  52. Honesty: Such an easy quality, but often complicated
  53. Birds: They provide music to our ears
  54. Yoga: It clears our minds
  55. Being organized: Allows us to spend more time doing what we enjoy
  56. The kindness of strangers: A nice surprise
  57. Good news: Adds to our excitement
  58. Earth: Let’s take care of it
  59. Weekends: A time to do anything we want
  60. Memories: Good and bad, they make us who we are
  61. Respect for our environment: Makes for a cleaner home
  62. Mistakes: We learn from them
  63. Libraries: A wonderful way to get lost in our thoughts
  64. A great marriage: We couldn’t be happier
  65. Things to look forward to: Makes life exciting
  66. The hard times: Because they’ve made us stronger and wiser, and the good times even better
  67. Following our excitement: Brings our dreams to fruition
  68. Falling snow: A fresh start
  69. Fun: Aren’t you glad that adults can have fun too
  70. Beautiful music: What rings true
  71. Patience: Good things come to those who wait
  72. Inspirational quotes: They motivate us to keep going
  73. Recycle: Less garbage
  74. Love: It fills the heart and makes us smile
  75. Synchronicity: Following our path
  76. Wildflowers: They are so pretty
  77. Exercise: Fine tunes our bodies
  78. Sunrises and sunsets: They don’t last long, but that’s what makes them so special
  79. Holidays: A great reason to get together with family
  80. Trust: Allows us to feel secure
  81. Being ourselves: Each and everyone of us is special
  82. Today: Because today is another day to make a positive change
  83. Choice: We all have free will
  84. Great movies: An opportunity to unwind
  85. Apologies: It feels great to hear them, and even better to say them
  86. Smiles: They are infectious… in a good way 
  87. Sleep: Recharging the batteries
  88. Growing older: Learning as we go
  89. Creativity: Produces something new every time
  90. Peace: Give it a chance
  91. Forgiveness: Give and you will receive
  92. The beach: We love the sand between our toes
  93. Travel: There are so many different places to see
  94. Organic farmers: They work so hard to provide us with good food
  95. Learning something new: Adds to our development
  96. Listening: To listen well adds so much to a conversation
  97. Awareness: Following our instincts
  98. Freedom: The essence of life
  99. You! Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. You are awesome!
  100. Knowing that there is an endless list of things to be thankful for
Your question: What are you thankful for? (post your comments below)

About the Author : Kyla Miller is the co-founder of guidinginstincts.com. She has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Kyla is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.


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