Everyday is Earth Day

By Kyla Miller, R.H.N.

Earthy Day is a worldwide event held every year on April 22 in over 170 counties. Its purpose is to raise awareness of environmental issues and recognize the positive actions taken to protect and create a better environment. Can we use this day as an opportunity to set resolutions for ourselves that will help our environment? Are there areas where we can make a difference in our daily habits? Listed below are 20 attainable resolutions. Can you fit any of these into your lifestyle?

Earth Day Resolutions
1.       Recycle and Compost
2.       Buy and use reusable shopping bags
3.       Stop buying bottled water (A good quality water filter or fresh spring water are great alternatives)
4.       Use cloth napkins instead of paper
5.       Use microfiber cleaning cloths and cloth tea-towels instead of paper towels
6.       Use chemical-free laundry and dish detergent
7.       Use chemical-free toilet paper
8.       Make homemade natural cleaning products from ingredients such as baking soda and white vinegar or buying chemical-free cleaning products. (see video below)
9.       Use reusable lunch bags and food wraps instead of disposable paper bags and plastic baggies
10.   Buy local and eat organic
11.   Eat less
12.   Plant a tree or flowering plant
13.   Start a pesticide free vegetable garden
14.   Use glass containers instead of plastic, where applicable (i.e. mason jars are mutli-functional)
15.   Limit electronic gadgets and unplug them when not being used
16.   Turn off the lights (Beeswax candles purify the air and promote negative ions, which make us feel good)
17.   Take shorter showers
18.   Use rain barrels in your yard
19.   Go paperless as much as possible (i.e. paying for bills online)
20.   Walk, bike, car pool, or use public transportation

Get Involved

Events and activities are held internationally to address various environmental issues. Get involved in your community to find out what more you can do to protect our beautiful home.
Every little bit counts.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to make your own effective cleaning products. Enjoy!

Your questions: Do you use natural cleaning products? What other resolutions have you made to help the environment? (post your comments below)

About the Author : Kyla Miller is the co-founder of guidinginstincts.com. She has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Kyla is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.


  1. In the past two years, I have made a lot of changes to my life!
    I use #s 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10(as much as I can) it's hard to afford all the good stuff :(, 11(never ate to much, but now that I'm eating better I am fuller), 12(I started a garden for the first time this year and this time we are going to eat from it too!), 13, 14, 15(getting there), 16 and 19.

    I think pretty soon I will start on #1 I already have half of it down. Our city started a much better recycling program and now I can put it all in one bin and they pick it up every two weeks. :) The composting is what will come next.
    I also need to look into water filter systems. I used to buy the individual bottled water, but now I at least get the bigger ones to last a while.
    Toilet paper is one I haven't even thought about looking into a better paper. Not a bad idea! I just can't see using the washable kind, at least not anytime soon. :( Cloth diapers are one thing(which I do use) but not toilet paper for the whole family.
    I can take a bath and use less water than I would in a shower, since I like it really hot and I like to soak for a while.
    The rain barrels aren't a bad idea either actually. But how do you keep the mosquitoes from contaminating them?
    And, lets face it... #20 is something the whole world needs to work on. :(

  2. Thanks for your comment Melissa. You have many great ideas :) Thanks for sharing them with us. In regards to how to keep mosquitoes out of your rain barrel, we would suggest purchasing a piece of mesh screen. Tape the mesh under your rain barrel lid. This will not only keep mosquitoes out, but it will also screen out leaves, pollen and other debris. Make sure to only use rain barrels that have an over flow valve near the top, which drains excess water out when the barrel is full. Without this valve, the water will collect on top of the screen, which may lead mosquitoes to breed in the lid area.


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