By Kyla Miller, R.H.N.;

What is synchronicity? Have you ever heard expressions such as “Everything happens for a reason”, “What a coincidence” or “Déja Vu”? If we pay attention to what is going on around us, we are sure to notice the synchronicity of every action, thought and occurrence. Animals even seem to be a part of this phenomenon.

Have you ever noticed any of the following?

1. A question is automatically answered by a coincidence.
2. You remember a dream that triggers thoughts of past and/or future events.
           3. An unexpected and unlikely meeting happens by chance, but leads to something unique.
4. An animal warns you of excitement, opportunity or danger ahead.
5. Something occurs just after you were thinking and/or talking about it.

Is it possible that all of these circumstances are a result of synchronicity? When we open our minds and allow ourselves to take note of these occurrences, it is amazing how often they happen. If you allow yourself to meditate on the reasons behind your individual synchronicity, you will find that there are, more often then not, profound meanings behind them.

A well-known example of synchronicity involves plum pudding.  It can be found on Wikipedia. It is the true story of the French writer Emile Deschamps who in 1805 is treated to some plum pudding by the stranger Monsieur de Fontgibu. Ten years later, he encounters plum pudding on the menu of a Paris restaurant, and wants to order some, but the waiter tells him the last dish has already been served to another customer, who turns out to be M. de Fontgibu. Many years later in 1832 Emile Deschamps is at a diner, and is once again offered plum pudding. He recalls the earlier incident and tells his friends that only M. de Fontgibu is missing to make the setting complete, and in the same instant the now senile M. de Fontgibu enters the room by mistake.

Believing in synchronicity is not only entertaining; it also helps to deal with difficult situations. For example, have you ever lost a job, only to find a better one in a few months? Have you ever experienced a ‘break-up’, only to find your soul mate shortly after? If we live life with the idea that things happen for a reason, it is much easier to deal with seemingly horrible circumstances.

When we are open to synchronous events, they can also help us make choices in our life. Take this hypothetical, yet familiar, scenario into consideration.

You are debating whether or not to call your old friend Sara. The two of you had quarreled in the past. It has now been 10 years since you’ve talked, but she has been on our mind lately. While you are considering your options on the bus heading home, you overhear two women talking about their friend having just given birth to a baby girl. Coincidentally, (yes, you guessed it) the babies name is Sara.

Synchronicity supports the idea that we are all connected with each other and the universe. It takes place everyday, to each and every one of us. Put it to the test and enjoy what you experience.

Your questions: Do you believe in synchronicity? Do you think it's a coincidence that you're reading this article? (post your comments below)


About the Author : Kyla Miller is the co-founder of She has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Kyla is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.


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