The Power of Positivity

By Kyla Miller, R.H.N.;

With all the pressures of life these days, it is very easy to allow our attitude to become negative. However, what many of us do not realize, or just do not accept, is that we have the power and choice to live a more positive life.

What is Positivity?

Positive thinking is a practice and it requires that we have a certain mental attitude. When we have a positive thinking mindset, we automatically have positive thoughts and continually recite positive affirmations.

When we have a positive thinking mindset, we instantly find answers to even the most complex problems and challenges. Positive thinking is a mindset or attitude that allows us to automatically expect, believe and trust that things will always work out – and they often do.

Having a positive thinking mindset naturally allows us to think positively and we instinctively foresee happiness, good health, success, and a positive outcome to just about every situation. Since we expect these things, our mind and subconscious mind finds a way to make them happen.

Surrounding Ourselves with Positivity

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great” – Mark Twain

High level frequencies attract other high level frequencies. There is a magnetism and synergy among common frequencies, both high level and low level. We will find this synergy working for us rather than against us when we consciously start the practice of positive thinking and surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Positivity

Positive thinking people are happier! Negativity is an inward and self-centered emotion. Those who are negative often suffer depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Positive people have a greater capacity for love, joy, peace, kindness and warmth that brings happiness into their lives and everyone else around them. What we put out is what we receive, so if we have an increased capacity for love, this means that we will be loved more in return.

Positive thinking people have better self-esteem! If we have nothing but positive thoughts about ourselves and others, we will not suffer from low self-esteem. In turn, having positive thoughts about others will instinctively lift their spirits and help them to attain healthy self-esteem.

Positive thinking people are more successful! Successful people tend to think positively. Optimists are happier and more productive in their jobs and often get promoted quicker. If we don’t bread negativity, we will set higher goals, persist at them longer and achieve more of them.

Positive thinking people are healthier! Having a positive outlook enables us to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on our body.

How to Make the Transition from Negative to Positive

Like any other bad habit, before we can change it, we need to become consciously aware that we are doing it. We need to stop and evaluate our tone of thinking and self-take. If we find that we are often negative, we need to work on finding ways to put a positive spin on various situations.

“Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anyone else. If it’s not worth saying out loud, it’s probably not worthy of saying to yourself” – Unknown

Self-talk has a huge influence on the overall direction of our thoughts. Negative self-talk is an easy habit to slip into, especially if we are surrounded by negative people.

Here are some examples of typical negative self-talk and how we can put a more positive spin on these internal (or external) conversations:

I’ve never done it before = I have an opportunity to learn something new
There’s not enough time = I’m going to re-evaluate my priorities
There’s no way it will work = I can learn to make it work
No one talks to me = I will start the conversation

With practice and focus, we can automatically move away from self-criticism and toward self-acceptance. As our state of mind becomes increasingly more optimistic, we will be able to handle everyday stress in a more constructive way.

Instinctively, we are positive entities. We only need to accept this fact and consciously choose to work towards breaking the negative cycle that has been indoctrinated.

Your questions: Do you strive to be positive? What other benefits do you feel come from being positive? (post your comments below)

About the Author : Kyla Miller is the co-founder of She has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Kyla is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.

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  1. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I try to do is think of at least one thing that I'm grateful for. I believe that acknowledgement of gratitude kickstarts the positivity within that allows me to get up with a smile on my face and a "happy to be me" positive attitude to flow through the day with. At night, I also think of at least one thing that I was grateful to the day for and it brings me to a peaceful state and I
    thank the day for having me.


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