A Day with Lee Carroll (Kryon)

By Jordan Miller;

It is amazing to think that we all have the potential to bring about peace and tranquility on this planet of ours. The world is currently experiencing rather profound changes, whereby the vibrational energies are beginning to rise to new levels; levels in which we are able to look deep within ourselves for our true purpose and usher in a new era filled with positivity and love through a collective consciousness shift. As always, you will have your doubters, however the potential of our world becoming one that is predominantly positive and one that promotes creativity is higher than any other time throughout human history (it hasn't happened in roughly 26,000 years). What if we were to tell you that there is the potential of Iran brokering peace with Israel and Palestine; what if we were to tell you that South America will soon unite as one; what if we were to tell you that the old system is on the brink of collapse. Would you believe us?

It is not a matter of belief that we are trying to convey here; rather, it is merely the idea of looking within ourselves and elevating our vibrational energies to harmonize with the energy signatures of love and compassion. During this time of great shift (which commenced some 17 years ago and will continue for another 19 years - December 21, 2012 being the midpoint) there has been an acceleration and elevation in vibrational energies. Many things are changing right before our eyes. There is a great awakening taking place on this planet. The earth is quickly rejuvenating itself (with the cooling of its oceans) to compensate for the potential ushering in of a new collective consciousness that is founded on the basis of love and compassion. People are awakening from their slumber and activating their creativity. We are living in the most exciting time ever experienced on this earth! We must finally recognize that we are all connected to the same light of all that is.

We recently attended an event in Montreal, Canada which discussed the very principles laid out above. The event was entitled "The emergence of a new world - visions and strategies-" and presented a message of love and the strong potential of human change towards a world that is more positive and connected apart from one that is negative and separate. We were among the likes of Barbara Marx Hubbard who gave a compelling account of the current challenges the earth and humanity as a whole are experiencing and discussed the potential each individual posses to harness the power of the true being (essence) while diminishing the false self (ego) in an effort to bring about peace not only within ourselves, but the entire planet.

During the same event, we were fortunate enough to listen to a talk and channel delivered by both Pierre Lessard (channeling Master Saint - Germain) and Lee Carroll (channeling Kryon). Both talks and channels were equally profound and heartfelt. They both touched on the idea of an emerging new world through a collective change in consciousness. They both spoke of the reasons why certain things were happening on the planet and how to prepare for the ongoing changes we are currently faced with.

We were particularly interested in the message from Lee Carroll and Kryon as we have been listening to their channels for quite some time. Lee spoke of the reasons why we are seeing sudden death of birds falling from the sky and fish washing up on the shorelines. He also spoke of the potential of Iran brokering peace between Israel and Palestine and the potential of South America soon uniting as one. He also brought to light the idea of fractal time, connecting to our quantum self, and how our reoccurring incarnations are always known and available to us as our experiences (dating back to the time of Lemuria) are forever "saved" within the akashic record of earth.

Lee Carroll on Channeling


What struck us the most (as it always does) was Lee Carroll's Channel (Kryon) which delivered a message of love and hope through metaphors and stories so touching and true it brings us to tears almost always. Kryon has the ability to look deep within our heart (as do other higher vibrational entities) and provide us with guidance that enables us to illuminate our hearts and become the light-bearers of the world. We have provided a sample message below for your discernment. Remember, we all have the capability of connecting with our higher guide in various different ways. At the end of the day, it is what rings true to you. We leave you now in the love and light of all that is....and so it is.

For more information about Kryon, please visit: www.kryon.com

Your question: Have you ever channeled? (post your comments below)

About the Author : Jordan Miller is the co-founder of guidinginstincts.com. He has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Jordan is currently learning about traditional North American medicinal herbs, in hopes of becoming a Certified Herbalist.

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  1. Yes, I've channeled through automatic writing at first-now I just carry on these conversations in my head. Even Kryon has spoken with me, Jesus, Mary, people of the underworld, ancestors from the beginning of time, people I knew on Atlantis....


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