The 4 Laws of Creation

By Jordan Miller;

What if we were to tell you that our life on the earth was an illusion? What if we were to say that whatever we do and say affects our past, present, and future? What if we were to tell you that life on earth is merely an experience that propels us into higher realms if we succeed in passing our own preordained life lessons. Well, simply put, we are governed by a series of physical laws that guide us along our journey. For many, this journey is without effort, but for some, there is struggle. No matter what the circumstance, we all have a reason as to why we are here. If we allow ourselves to align with our true self, and thus purpose, then we can successfully tune into the energies and synchronicities that direct our way.

4 Laws of Creation

We have been exploring the idea that the world  is an illusion and that what we think is real is actually not - literally. Our minds can only perceive a relative reality not an absolute reality. Thus the human mind can never know truth itself unless of course the mind is aligned with the heart. In perceiving with the mind only words or symbols point to the truth, but are not truths themselves.

Even if we could discern the absolute truth (and we can) while living on this planet, our physical bodies can only experience physical sensations and the illusion itself. In essence, our bodies are experiencing an aspect  of all that is, one portion at a time.

This begs the question: if everything our senses detect is part of the illusion, what is real? Some human and natural laws can be bent and others broken. Are they any universal laws that are absolute and cannot be broken? Let us discern below.

In the video directly below, Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) discusses in greater detail.

1) You Exist.

I am. The two words “I am” point to an Absolute Truth: You exist.
It doesn’t say “I was” or “I will be” because past and future are illusions. I AM. Anything you add after the words “I am” such as I am happy, I am sad, I am rich, I am poor, I am perfect, I am imperfect… These are all illusions that the egoic mind can choose to buy into, or not. …with one exception. “I am that I am.” This statement is simply saying, “I am what I am.” Nothing else could be true. Existence is itself. Reality is itself. You can’t truly be anything other than what you are, but you can PRETEND and THINK that you are, and thus EXPERIENCE yourself being something you’re not, one of the amazing capabilities provided to us in this illusory world of relativity.

2) The One is the All. The All are the One.


This is a paradox. There is only the One, the One thing that is, the one “I” that exists. The “All” are the infinite expressions of the One. The All is not separate from itself for it is the One thing that is. There is no other that the All can be in relationship with. Note: This does NOT say that every One is PART of the All, as if there were many separate yet connected individuals, though this appears to be the case at a certain level. Ultimately, everyone IS the All. Every individual expression you look at IS the entire Universe itself, no matter how large or small. This is one of those truths that boggles the mind.

 3) What you put out is what you get back.


The physical world is your mirror. There is no Reality outside of or separate from you. You are the Source of the universe itself. You are God. This understanding is reflected in Gandhi’s statement, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you were to look in a mirror and you saw a frown being reflected back to you, it would be silly to try to reach towards the mirror and squeeze the face into a smile. If you want to change the reflection of the frown into a smile, YOU must smile. Once you do, the mirror would have no choice but to automatically reflect a smile back to you.

4) Change is the only constant, except for the first 3 laws.


That’s it. Everything that changes is part of the illusion. The weather, feelings, physical matter, people, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, wars, celebrations, birth, death. All illusion. Want a quick way to discern Reality from illusion? Ask yourself if what you’re looking at ever changes. Does silence ever change? Does noise? Existence will always exist. It is Real.Your body won’t always exist. It’s part of the illusion.

In order to become more aware of our surroundings, we have to live in a more quantum way. That is to say that we have to listen to our inner voice and eliminate the need to be governed by absolutes. By living in a more quantum way, we become enlightened to the fact that life itself is more than just physical pain and pleasure; it is an experience that allows us to communicate to the whole and discover all that is. Follow the potentials that exist. We are on the brink of discovering what it is like to live on a planet without war, without pain and suffering, without hunger. We are learning to live together as one through compassion and love for one another. By aligning yourself with the energy of love, your thoughts and actions contribute to a collective consciousness we haven't seen on this planet for many thousands of years. We are living in a time where we have a great potential to slingshot ourselves into a collective world that is predominantly positive. In understanding the 4 laws of creation, it allows each and every one of us, to be understand our true purpose, thus recognizing that we are all part of the whole. We are all that is.

Your question: Do you believe that we are governed by the 4 laws of creation? (post your comments below)


About the Author : Jordan Miller is the co-founder of He has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Jordan is currently learning about traditional North American medicinal herbs, in hopes of becoming a Certified Herbalist.


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