Succeed with Love by Following the Three Nots

By Jordan Miller;

In order to overcome many of the hardships we face in today's world, we have to center ourselves in love and create a reality that is conducive to unification. Unification, is a powerful tool for love. To ensure we do not struggle with change (as it is inevitable) we must unify through compassion and bless and love each and everyone (even though we perceive some as "enemies" - this is only an illusion). In order to progress, we have to also overcome the duality of good and bad and center our minds purely on love as there is no such things as "good" or "bad", there is only love and a lack of love. By tuning to the frequency of love, we can assure you that your perceived negative life will dissolve and everything divided in your life with suddenly unify.  In order to succeed however, we must follow these three simple guidelines.

The Three Nots

1. Fear Not: We must acknowledge that life as we understand it in 3rd dimensional reality is merely an illusion. Every situation or issue that has existed, either has been or will be resolved for the highest good of all at one point or another. It may not happen today or even in our lifetime, but rest assured that every issue does indeed result in peace and goodness. Until we fully understand the vastness of this concept and unify under this ideal, the "game of life" won't end until we achieve this shared goal.

Apart from our limited physical existence, there is a part of us that is indestructible. You exist- you can't change anything about that. Nothing can separate us form the divinity within us, and as we come to know this as real and true, fear begins to fall away until there is nothing left to fear.

2. Judge Not: We are not the judges of others, nor are we the judges of the Universe, not even the judges of ourselves! We are all on the earth fulfilling our own journeys of self growth. We shall see all people, including ourselves, growing into their own awareness, developing their own authority, and making determinations on their own behalf. It becomes clear to us that others are quite capable, and we can trust them with their own lives and decisions. In essence, we are not in charge, nor are we in any position of authority over others that is sufficient enough to judge them.

Ultimately we make choices for ourselves; for this is the only place we have authority and power. Other people get to make their own choices to, even if we don't agree with them; all we can do is choose to participate with them or not. Either way the only thing we can judge is what is appropriate for us.

3. Resist Not: If there is no reason to judge or fear, then the only thing left not to do is resist what makes us uncomfortable. The cause of discomfort varies from person to person and lifetime to lifetime. Some people may be uncomfortable with conflicts and relationships or even too much success. Other people may be uncomfortable with humiliation or shameful behaviour. Whatever the reason, when we resist what makes us uncomfortable, we begin to build an energetic wall that continues to grow all around us until the very thing we are resisting becomes the barrier that keeps us moving through it.

Essentially, resistance is rejection. If I am resisting part of myself, I am rejecting that part of myself; if I am resisting a person or what that person is trying to give me, I am rejecting all or part of that person. If we don't resist, but just let something be, it will go on its merry way. For example, if I resist my hurt feelings about something, they will build up around and inside me and block me form moving through them. On the other hand, if I can just "be" with my hurt feelings. I can eventually let them go and make room for different feelings.

The importance of the three nots is to give yourself a chance to grow into love and let it manifest into your everyday life. Sometimes it take time to change, so go at your own pace. Take your time, we are all growing or developing at different speeds. When encountered with a perceived "impossible", center yourself in love, and you shall find the solution.

Your question: What other guidelines can help us stay centered in love? (post your comments below)

About the Author : Jordan Miller is the co-founder of He has overcome illness through dietary/lifestyle changes, and practicing a positive mindset daily. Jordan is currently learning about traditional North American medicinal herbs, in hopes of becoming a Certified Herbalist.


  1. Spectacular post. Its direct to the point. Thanks for posting. ways to do it and not crash diet

  2. Challenge all of your beliefs against One... Unconditional Love... and then see if it passes the "stink test"... as my favorite professor used to say. :>)


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