Self Discovery: Your Journey To Wholeness (Part 1 of 6)

By Joyce Friesen;

Walking the pathway to wholeness slowly, steadily and unerringly is the secret to Self discovery and Self realization.

It’s the continual wonder of the deepening “aha” experience in the eternal newness of life. In each moment we have an opportunity to achieve or become something new.

To walk the pathway to wholeness requires receptivity to the love, concern and compassion of the Divine. But unless we cheerfully accept this powerful spiritual life energy, we will miss the Divine’s Concern. When we’re mired in fear and doubt our focus becomes fractured rather than whole.

For centuries the pathway of the Western world has been the path of the mind. As a result, our oneness heart has been dominated by the primary qualities of the mind which are reductionism and materialism.

We’ve divided everything into the smallest particles possible and reduced life to its lowest common denominator. 

This has led to separation and competition where greed and power often dominate. We’ve become mired in frustration, anxiety, depression and degenerative disease. Ultimately these become roadblocks preventing us from discovering our true selves.

Separating ourselves from our whole has caused many modern illnesses. Diabetes is increasing dramatically, because we lack sweetness in our lives. What’s more obesity has reached almost epidemic proportions because we are shielding ourselves from ourselves and others through our weight.

And now for the number one killer—heart disease.  We’ve lost our hearts connection with our soul. What’s more our hearts are disconnected from our heads where all the separation started, and we’ve allowed our head to rule our hearts instead of the other way around. 

So we scurry around looking for the elusive quick fix—that one pill, one course, one therapist, one food, one eating style that will fix all our problems.  What’s more the media tells us “One size fits all” no matter what size we really are so we believe it doesn’t matter what we choose.

We spend billions of dollars on solutions “out there” forgetting that walking the path to wholeness is an inside job. 

Wholeness is the path of the heart, where we are all one, connecting our heart to all levels of our being and the infinite whole.

Living in perfect harmony with ourselves, with God, and with the world, while walking the pathway of unity in multiplicity, we become whole.

It’s like a drop of rain.  When it falls from the sky, it’s just a drop.  When it falls into the ocean it is embraced by the ocean and becomes one with the power and consciousness of the ocean.  It is still an individual drop but it has become the ocean itself.

Finally we realize we are the drop and the whole world is the ocean. When we’re in service to the Divine in each other and all creation, indeed we are the World, whole and complete needing nothing.

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Your question: Are you living as part of the whole? (post your comments below)

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