Your Body’s Pathway To Wholeness (Part 2 of 6)

By Joyce Friesen;

Walking the pathway to wholeness is a natural evolutionary process on our journey to Self Realization. 

Each part of our being will reach this ultimate goal by spiraling deeper and deeper into our core until we reach the Source of all that is, was and will ever be. Once there we will have fulfilled our Divine Mission.

But this fulfillment can only take place here on earth through our physical body. But the nature of the body is steeped in lethargy, indulgence and inertia. It wants to lounge lazily through life.

However, at God’s choice hour the body awakens and becomes a fertile field, ready, willing, and eager to support our vital/emotional, mind, and heart. It’s only then that our soul can fulfill its promise to God and manifest divinity on earth.

In reality, we can expedite God’s choice hour by loving our bodies unconditionally and supporting them to function optimally starting at the cellular level.

Truth be told, all health and disease starts at the cellular level. So here’s the magic formula for a healthy awakened cell that can create and hold light energy to fulfill its mission: Nourish + Cleanse=Balance.

We nourish our bodies by eating whole organic minimally prepared foods rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. This means nothing refined—no white rice, white flour, refined oils or sugar, and no isolated nutrients such as the popular whey or soy isolates.

We drink pure water critical to creating electrolyte balance and cleansing. We exercise to keep our bodies moving.

The mitochondria in our cells are the energy powerhouses. During ATP production they create a perfectly balanced mixture of redox signaling molecules, the key to all cellular health. These redox molecules activate the native antioxidants needed to protect and detoxify the cells and at the same time supplement the molecules need to repair or replace damaged cells and restore healthy tissue and immune function.

Recent scientific discoveries have determined that when this delicate intracellular redox balance or ‘homeostasis’ is disturbed oxidative stress occurs. Any threat to our cells causes oxidative stress: sunlight, radiation, nutrient depleted foods, negative thinking and beliefs, emotional drama, cell phones, toxins, endotoxins, burns, chemicals, viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

What’s more cuts, scrapes, blows and other minor injuries cause damage to millions of cells too. Even exercise and exertion can damage cells, causing tenderness or strain and muscle aches.
When oxidative stress continues unchecked because of unbalanced redox molecules and an overwhelmed immune system, cells remain damaged and inflammation becomes rampant. This state is considered by some scientists the cause of all diseases ranging from arthritis, to Alzheimer’s, to diabetes, and even cancer.

To bring our cells back to balance is the journey of healing. It’s coming back to that still point from which we can spring into action. It’s not the inertia we talked about at the beginning, but a silence where we are fully aware of our energy from which all creative light and power comes.

If you missed it, make sure to check out Part 1

Your question: Do you love your body unconditionally? (post your comments below)

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