Your Heart’s Journey To Wholeness (Part 5 of 6)

By Joyce Friesen;

Our brain and mind are command central for our body, while our heart is the bridge between the mind and soul, the focal point between our inner and outer world. With our mind we experience outer reality and with our heart we experience our inner reality.

Our mind cherishes separativity. It loves to divide everything into the smallest possible pieces.Or when it focuses on a goal when the goal is achieved, it’s dissatisfied as it looks around for something more.

But when the mind and the heart are aligned, and the mind takes its cue and power from the loving heart, the unimaginable beauty created in our inner world radiates outward to the ends of the Universe.

When we talk about our heart, we’re not just referring to the physical organ that beats in our chest. Our other heart is our spiritual heart, located inside the physical heart.  It’s also called the heart center or fourth chakra. It’s from this heart centre that we radiate our inner light and fulfill our spiritual mission.

Our heart’s language is love, the most powerful force in the universe. Indeed, it’s this love that created our Universe.

The spiritual heart is childlike but not childish. So when we remain in our heart we become a divine child who feels only joy, defying the age of time and space. 

When we live from our heart and share from our heart, our story will not only inspire but heal people's lives.  But how many people in this world appreciate the power of the heart?

The heart enjoys the journey, but it’s an inner journey. When we use our hearts power, inwardly we can go to Africa and establish our oneness with people there. In this way the heart is fulfilled as it identifies with a positive quality or a person. Identification is oneness and oneness is openness.  In fact our biggest protection and our greatest achievement in life is an open and vulnerable heart.

According to Swami Vivekananda just by sending our heart’s goodwill to others the whole inner world resonates with the sound of that psychic will.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “She died of a broken heart”. Indeed this can be true. In our fears and insecurities, we lose the will to face life and to live. But if we focus on our heart, we will realize we are all the love we need, so there is indeed nothing to fear.

We have many “healthy heart” programs whose focus is on how to take care of our physical heart or heal it when it becomes diseased. Have you ever wondered why heart disease is the No. 1 killer in our society today?

What we don’t realize is that when we have a healthy spiritual heart we heal the physical heart too.  When we discover healthy physical and spiritual heart habits, we become alive so we can consciously choose to share our heart’s treasures:  love, empathy, happiness and confidence.
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Your question: Do you love unconditionally? (post your comments below)

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