Your Mind’s Journey To Wholeness (Part 4 of 6)

By Joyce Friesen;

Our mind can be either our friend or our foe. As our friend it operates with lofty ideals to manifest our dreams and be of service to the world. As our foe, it becomes mired in negative beliefs, pettiness, gossip, fear, doubt and victim-hood. 

It’s only when we create a positive mindset, and literally get out of our mind-box to seek illumination that we will change our life for the better. By moving towards the positive aspects of the mind, which is the divine mind, we can create wholeness in ourselves and our world.

Look at a child. She doesn’t even use her mind. She is totally in her heart.

Until we are seven, everything we experience is unconsciously imprinted into our brain’s memory. After age seven our conscious mind starts operating. We develop the reasoning mind so that we can understand and grasp the truths of the material world.

But the problem is we don’t remember or understand our past, so we interpret current truths based on past experience. When we perceive something as fearful, we run our negative belief patterns and relive our trauma while experiencing stress, allergies, pain, fear, doubt and disease.

Like scientists, we love to separate things into the smallest possible components.  Our powers of concentration give us the ability to pay attention to a subject until we have surveyed it on all sides and thoroughly dissected it.

But it’s only when we know how to put all these pieces of the puzzle together in a meaningful way that we gain inner peace.

By the power of our fertile brains, we have created many machines and technological advances. Some have been for the betterment of society while others, like atom bombs and weapons of destruction have been to control and show supremacy.

But with practice our mind can become brilliant at positive goal setting and achievement. There are no limitations except those we acknowledge. When we begin with the impossible and end up by accomplishing the impossible, we realize how powerful we really are.

With a positive thought we have the same power as what created the atom bomb. It’s up to us how we use our thought power. All it takes is a burning desire to make a change if the perception of that change will give us joy. So go forward!

As seekers when we go farther, deeper and higher than the world of reason and into the world of aspiration, we begin to transcend our servitude to the mind by bringing down the Grace, Peace and Light from above to illumine the mind.  

The reasoning mind is then on its way to being transformed into a dedicated instrument of God. The infinite Power that we now notice in the mind is expressed in its clear, perfect vision of the ever-transcending Beyond. We have tapped into the ultimate treasure chest and we have peace of mind, the jewel of wisdom.

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Your question: Are you creating a positive mindset daily? (post your comments below)

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