Your Vital’s Journey To Wholeness (Part 3 of 6)

By Joyce Friesen;

We usually use the word “vital” when we talk about vital organs or vital nutrients. And we use “vitality” to depict something that is full of life and animated.

But there is a deeper meaning to the word. Our vital is a distinct part of our being, just like our body and our mind which is often referred to as body-mind.

As there are physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual worlds, even so there is a vital world which exists in between the physical and intellectual.

The navel area or third chakra is the region of the vital. In fact, a key part of our spiritual journey to wholeness is to gain mastery over this chakra.

According to Sri Chinmoy, when we master our vital energies we acquire the power of divine love. We love everyone and we are loved by everyone including animals. That’s because divine love is the expansion of our divine awareness, which is illumination.

There are two vitals in us—the lower aggressive human vital and the higher dynamic divine vital. 

Below the navel is the aggressive vital which houses the sex forces. This aggressive vital is the animal in us that wants to devour the world and revels in fleeting pleasure. An aggressive vital demand comes from a very low plane of consciousness. It’s the plane of worldly desires, motives, drives and emotions as well as the quest for possessions and power.

This plane is threatening and tempts us to lead a very undivine and corrupted life.  Furthermore, a vital demand is always destructive.

When Julius Caesar said, “I came, I saw, I conquered,” this was the human vital speaking in him. This is the vital that enjoys a malicious satisfaction through destruction.

Today we see this vital in the destructive power of our own military machine. And in the greed of huge multi-national corporations that include the conventional medical/pharmaceutical industry as well as those involved in genetic engineering.

They are interested in profits and power above all else with little concern for the suffering they cause.  Witness the number of Indian farmers who have committed suicide since genetically modified seeds took over traditional ones. Or the number of deaths caused by “properly prescribed” drugs.

What we are seeking through these vital desires and demands is satisfaction and love. But when we achieve worldly power and possessions we are still disappointed, distraught and disgusted because they did not bring us the satisfaction we longed for.
We are remain totally insecure because the accumulation of wealth and possessions did not bring us a feeling of fulfillment, love and security but rather frustration and the destruction of ourselves and those around us.

On the other hand the dynamic vital does not want to devour or possess. Its quest is for illumination and perfection. It wants to embody light and energize the world that is fast asleep in complacency and indulgence.

Light soulfully without attachment spreads its love wings where needed because it knows this is the only way to satisfaction. As Christ, said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  With these words of light the Christ teaches us we can only have true satisfaction through our oneness love.

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Your question: Have you activated your higher dynamic divine vital? (post your comments below)

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