Healthy Glowing Skin in 3 Simple Steps

By Dakota Heim;

If you’re looking to achieve that radiant glow without a mountain of skin-care products, there are a few effortless and inexpensive ways to get you there.  While everyone knows the importance of using sunblock, there are a few other quick steps that could get you even better results.  Start implementing these tips and tricks to see a huge difference in your skin today. 

Never leave home without your water bottle.

Keeping hydrated is not only one of the top ways to take care of your inner body; it works miracles with the skin as well.  A constant supply of H20 will help you maintain a healthy glow to your skin all year round.  Even those pesky dry areas such as the knees and elbows will increase dramatically when you get enough water.  Don’t wait until evening to drink your recommended amount of water either.  The best way for your body to utilize H20 is by sipping it down all throughout the day.  If you’re worried about the expense, find a water bottle that’s BPA free and doesn’t leak plastic into your water supply.  Most major stores carry them for a fairly inexpensive price.  Then refill and sip away. 

Gather up all the deep colored fruits and veggies you can find. 

Your skin is a direct result of your diet.  If you are low on the recommended amount of nutrition in daily eating, chances are your skin will appear dull and lifeless.  Instead of plunking down fifty dollars on the latest and greatest facial lotion, try grabbing a few extra fruits and veggies instead.  The carotenoids found in deep colored produce can give you that extra boost you’ve been searching for.  After a week or two eating a diet rich in carrots, beets, oranges, cantaloupes, etc. you’ll be radiating a brilliant color no beauty product can match.  If you have a hard time working the recommended amount of produce into your daily diet, try using a juicer.  You could also use a good quality blender and make a fruit and veggie smoothie each day.  Whatever way you go about it, don’t skip this step for gorgeous glowing skin. 

Start up a daily physical fitness routine.

Another reason to get moving, exercise is a brilliant way to add life and vitality back to your skin.  A simple 30 minutes spent walking, running or doing another form of fitness can work magic on your skin.  The reason for this is increased blood circulation.  Exercise gets your blood flowing to all areas of your body…including your epidermis.  As the blood flows through these skin cells, it gives them an instant and long lasting glow.  Our entire bodies need oxygen, even the skin.  Increased blood flow through exercise is the best way to circulate that oxygen.  Physical fitness also decreases the amount of stress we experience.  A low stress level can slow down your wrinkles and the aging process.  So find an exercise you love and make it a daily habit for overall skin and body wellness.     

Your question: What do you do to keep your skin glowing? (post your comments below)


About the Author: My name is Dakota Heim, an aspiring young author with an obsession for health! That's how I found myself involved with lemonadediet which really helped expand my knowledge of improving health.


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