List of Uses for Oregano Oil

June 25, 2012

By Gretchen Rivers;

Researchers have found the chemical components in oregano oil helpful to treat a variety of ailments. The powerful antioxidants in oregano oil have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making oregano oil a beneficial natural alternative to many types of traditional medicine. The main ingredient in oregano oil that gives the oil its natural healing properties is carvacrol, a phenol, or carbolic acid compound.


Oregano oil has been shown to have antibacterial properties. According to James P. Meschino, a professor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, oregano oil capsules can be taken to kill a variety of harmful bacteria. Meschino states that oregano oil can be used to treat common colds and bronchitis when taken at the first sign of symptoms. Oregano oil blends have been found to help people suffering from stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Harry G. Preuss, a physiology and biophysics professor at Georgetown University, performed a study on mice that found oil from the oregano plant to be as effective at combating infections as traditional antibiotics.


Common fungal infections, such as fingernail fungus, yeast infections and thrush, can be treated with oregano oil. According to Zoltan P. Rona, a doctor of complementary medicine who practices in Toronto, topical use of oregano oil has been found to treat effectively fungal skin infections, such as athletes foot. Using oil of oregano internally or externally can help reduce the symptoms of many skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. Dr. Rona reports that some patients have seen benefits from using oregano oil topically to treat dandruff and diaper rash, as well as bee stings and bites from venomous animals.


An article published in "Phytotherapy Research" states that oregano oil functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-killer. Patients suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain have found topical applications of oregano oil effective in treating pain and swelling. According the the article, oregano oil has been found to be nearly as effective at reducing pain as morphine. Dr. Rona claims that the natural antioxidants found in large quantities in oregano oil function to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Digestive Aid

According to French physician Jean Valnet in his book "The Practice of Aromatherapy," oregano oil capsules taken internally stimulate the production of bile, which aids in digestion. Taking oregano oil internally can also reduce the symptoms of gas, indigestion and diarrhea. The ancient Greeks were the first society documented to use oregano oil medicinally.

Cass Ingram, a doctor of osteopathy, writes in his book "Supermarket Remedies," that taking oil of oregano along with foods that are prone to spoilage, such as meat, eggs and milk, can help reduce microbe growth and prevent food-borne illness.


  1. I have used it since the mid 90's for my continuous lung congestion which was fungal and not bacterial or viral. It cleared it up within a week and when it starts to come around again, two or three treatments and gone! Works on fingernails as well. Oh yeah, tastes terrible so make sure you get it UNDER your tongue and keep it there! :)

  2. i did a two week protocol with oregano oil in my water to balance the yeast levels in my body, as they were too high. i came to LOVE the taste of it in my water and it made me feel sort of a nice hazey, relaxed feeling and i really liked it! i consulted a friend of mine who is a homeopathic doctor as to my regimen and she said to be careful of day 5. do you know what she meant by that? was it day 5 of the 2 week regimen or day 5 after i had completed?

  3. Thanks for your comment Free2beemee. We cannot speak on behalf of your homepathic doctor, however, we can say that taking oregano oil for extended periods of time may do more harm than good. As it cleanses the body of "bad" bacteria, it can also equally do the same with "good" bacteria. You may want to limit your intake to a few days at a time - depending on the reasons why you are consuming it. It would be wise to follow up with taking a round of probiotic supplements to help resort your healthy bacteria. ~ with love.


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