Wind Energy For Your Home

By Mike Matthews;

The term wind energy home is being used more and more to reflect the growing needs of some people to source alternative energy for residential use.

It is much easier and less expensive in the short term to connect into your local electricity company's power grid than it is to set up and hook into energy produced by wind turbines.  However in the long run you should be able to save money by utilising wind power for most of your energy needs. As an added bonus you will become more independent as a standalone unit. It is also worth mentioning the fact that not receiving an electricity bill while still enjoying the advantages of the modern electrically-driven lifestyle is a great feeling.

Electricity bills and fuel bills generally are rising steadily, with no sign of this changing. The ongoing cost of wind turbine energy is pretty much zero. While the cost of installing and connecting up to a wind turbine is steadily coming down as demand rises and supplies increase in line with this increased demand.  Add to that the fact that research and improved
technology make wind turbines ever more efficient and affordable. People now want to move away from the traditional electricity supply grids which often use up fossil fuels.  This is, of course, for personal reasons which include the desire for greater independence, the desire to live remotely or rurally and not forgetting political motives with increased concerns about the environment.  This motivation to move away from the traditional energy sources is the same one that causes people to seek the power of the wind for their energy.
In many countries, to a greater or lesser degree, homeowners who choose alternative power sources, including wind energy, are often eligible for tax rebates. In addition, there are places where these homeowners are allowed to sell their excess energy production back to the power company. In these circumstances it can be seen that the lucky homeowners are in fact profiting from their own energy production.  A sensible move!!

Throughout most industrialised countries national governments are pushing to get a range of tax incentives on to the statute books.  As might be imagined, there are many power and utility companies who feel that it is unfair that they should have to pay commercial rates to private individuals who are producing excess energy.  These companies are also expected to suffer reduced short term profits.  Not an easy situation to be in.

Depending where you are in the world (some countries have more consistent wind than others) energy produced from your own wind turbine is becoming economically viable as well as satisfying the obvious environmental arguments. Wind energy home will continue to be a term discussed and argued over as time goes by.

Your question: Do you or would you consider powering your home with wind? (post your comments below)

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