Mineral Deficiency - The Cost of Modern Farming

By Fred Burgess;

The human body needs minerals in order to maintain optimum health and well-being. Unfortunately, due to modern farming techniques and policies, most farmers can never afford to rotate their land properly and leave land to rest, which means it is deficient in the essential minerals that we should be obtaining from fruit, vegetables and crops grown on this land.

Farmers only replenish farm land with three minerals namely phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium which increases the yield of the crop but leaves it lacking in many minerals that used to be present before the advent of modern farming. It takes only three to five years for land to be stripped of nearly all its naturally occurring minerals, which is why mineral deficiency and its accompanying effects of health are so prevalent in modern society.

A Concern For Growing Children

Consider these methods and also the new types of hybrid genetically modified crops such as wheat and it becomes clear that the once rich diet of only a couple of generations ago is now lacking essential minerals and trace elements that the body needs to function and grow. This is particularly of concern for growing children who can be affected by quite serious developmental diseases caused by mineral deficiencies.

Even Organic Food is Mineral Deficient

The poor soil quality of intensive farming methods is on a global scale. Large supermarkets are in ways responsible for demanding cheap produce and paying low prices for it. Organic fruit and vegetables is only slightly more mineral rich but it is difficult to analyse the mineral content of this type of fresh food. A lack of essential minerals in daily diets can cause different mineral deficiency health issues. Some more common deficiencies and the health issues they cause are listed here.


Receding gums, insomnia, bone weakness, muscle cramps, kidney stones, bone spurs, and calcium deposits.


Nervousness, confusion, headache, coated tongue, fatigue, smelling breath, stiffness, and poor eyesight.


Mental illness, aches, and pains, body acidity


Migraines, convulsions, osteoporosis, fainting, low calcium absorption, anorexia, A.D.D, gastrointestinal disturbances.


Anemia, cerebral palsy, high cholesterol, hernia, liver cirrhosis, low blood sugar, slow healing risk of stroke and varicose veins.

There are cultures that rarely contract degenerative diseases. Mostly living at high altitude, their water is fed by glaciers that grinds rock and deposits the residue into the rivers providing a rich mineral source. Apart from using the water daily, the fields where crops are grown are flooded annually leaving rich mineral deposits in the soil.

Even with a good diet, including lots of fruit and vegetables we can still be mineral deficient leaving ourselves at risk from all the above and more.

Most mineral deficiencies can be rectified by paying attention to diet and effective supplementation restoring the body to balance and well-being. There are diseases, which require medical intervention when mineral deficiency is present. These can include fluid imbalances, iron deficiency, goiter, and Wilson's disease.

Paying attention to nutrition and eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will help to supply minerals and trace elements but to be sure that the correct amounts of minerals you need are taken, then a supplement is the better option. You can also grow your own fruit and vegetables and monitor the soil by performing a regular analysis so you can be fairly confident your mineral needs are being met.

A great way that I found is to supply my body with the minerals and trace minerals it needs to function properly. Plant derived minerals are the ones most readily absorbed by the body. There are cheaper metallic minerals but only 10% to 20% of these can be absorbed during the body's natural daily cycle. The fact is, as ever, you get what you pay for.

Minerals are the 'spark plugs' of life! They ensure that your 'engine' is running as it should you and you need a minerals 'top up' each day. Natural sizzling minerals are exclusively available at http://www.SimplyGetHealthy.com I ,personally, have been getting the benefit of better health from sizzling minerals and totally endorse and recommend to everyone. The Immune system relies heavily on minerals to work at its optimum.

Your question: How do you get your minerals? (post your comments below)

About the Author: As a father to 5 children I have, as all dads to, provided for them as best I was able. In the past few years I have been in declining health due to long term osteoarthritis, heart problems and diabetes.I recently started writing to share my discoveries regarding health problems due to the lack of minerals and nutrients in our food. I take a mineral supplement every day and my health has improved dramatically.Never before did I get such results despite taking many vitamins and dietary supplements in the years before. As a 64 year old I believed that ageing was setting in and doing it's worst but I am pleased to report that this was not the case.The more research I do into the effects of current day foods the more I find that we are all being subjected to unnecessary sickness, illness and ailments. What worries me even more is that ALL ages are affected. Even athletes are suffering from deficiencies and aren't even aware that they are deficient. I hope that anyone reading this bio also gets great information from my articles.After al we all only have one life and our Health is just so important to enjoying every day.


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